Saturday, March 21, 2015

Many Slit-Opened Heads Later - to Julien. B. -- first published in Magnapoets, July 2007

I want to write something for you
something special
but it seems that won't do.

You were something far beyond us.
Some unreachable star.
Ten years back - seventeen - 
Late nineties.

All of us craved for you.
He did more than I,
he was probably right.
But he died
not from it -
from something closer to what he had always been
 - ludicrous - 
but not quite
the same.

I want to write something
because I surfed past you a lot lately
and saw how grown-up you are
half smiling 
bare naked
in front of cameras
reading your poems
& prose
to audience
you go.

I wanted to write something special
but it seems I didn't. Do
you care if I hate you

He'd written something for you.
Something special.
Something good.
Let's not the tea go cold - 
it was called.

He is cold now
and so are you
lost in the Swiss snow.

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