Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kingdom of a Doomed King -- first published in Magnapoets, July 2007

Things are not the same
I feel
A waste of time running
and the wind of Austria
blowing on my face again.

Lying down on the pavement
where my feet strode too many times
and all the wicked boulevards
where I found the sweetest solace.
Feeding on a few fruit and seeds
like a bird - a fragile prey
to the vultures
circling around up there
and God would let them do
because He could do without me.

I did a few mistakes
but how can one let a poor soul
rotting on the sidewalk
of this greying city.

Eigteen fifty-four.
Have I come out of age?
The heart lies in the sewage
and I used to be one of them
- bright and beautiful,
rich and popular -
now the time has come for me to play

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