Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Continuum -- first published in Hirschworth September 2013

The thoughts. The hope. The ludicrous and ravaging expectations. Boundaries have been set and I walked far over the limit. I almost lost myself, I clearly made myself a predator as much as a prey.

Devastating monster he called himself. I think he is more like a tumour, a gangrenous, malignant mass. Calcified yet not impossible to extract.

Already, in a surgical way, I incised the numbers, the pictures and all the words left here and there so as to hide all the shameful secrets from the eyes and the ears of the formidable fairies.

Now there are feelings – the hardest to combat. Like a storm they shatter everything into tiny pieces, they flood all the space I have kept for the one and only, my lovely leprechaun.

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